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Forget the Met Gala. It's prom season. I've been doing this since 2019 and it never gets old. It blows my mind how creative these kids are. You never saw a floral tie in 2014. Maybe one or two people had on sneakers. Maybe. Our options were very limited. I absolutely love getting to see everyone dressed up. It's like my own personal fashion show. Even better than getting to see all the glamour is getting to know these young people, even if it's just for a few minutes. Every single session puts a smile on my face.

Starting with *drum roll*...Danielle & Zach

Getting to photograph Danielle again was a dream! Her stunning senior session was one for the books. If I looked like her, I'd have every ounce of confidence in the world, yet she seems to have the opposite. She's so gorgeous. I know Zach agrees. He's always a gentleman and also now a college graduate!

Jamie & Zach

Ahhh! Gold. That's my color. Who better to pull it off than these two? Jamie never disappoints and Zach is so fun and easy-going, but their fierce faces are fierce . I'm still here to say that Jamie looks like Taylor Swift. And that braid?! Lovin' it all.

Jenna & Gavin

Repeat customers! Jenna and Gavin looked great in royal blue last year, but I think red is their color. All of Jenna's accessories popped against her black shimmering dress, and Gavin proves my point that everyone is so much more creative and brave than the teens of yesteryear.

Heaven (& Arlo)

Awww. I just adore Heaven. Taking her picture never gets old. She's always the sweetest. Doesn't hurt that she's also stunning in any color. And I probably shouldn't be saying this, but I think she had the cutest date.

Saige & Jake

Their get-up was so timeless. But the closer you look, you'll see that the details are just visionary. I loved the subtle prints on Jake's jacket and vest. Honestly, I couldn't tell you who's shoes were cooler. I know I'm not a fashion commentator, I'm just excited. Saige and Jake are a pleasure to shoot.


Watch this first. Then tell me Emma doesn't look like a younger, more modern version. I was mesmerized by this dress. The *sparkle*. The twirl. The pockets. The shoes. The back. Where does it end?!

If Emma were a dress, she'd be this one. They're both so bubbly and fun and bubble-gum-sweet.


Miss classy Kassidy. Red and gold mixed with those big eyes and dark hair? A winning combo if you ask me. Understated and show-stopping at the same time. I took a picture of her hands to show my husband exactly the next ring I wanted, then I noticed the details on her nails. Although judging by her meek personality, Kassidy would probably prefer not to be in the limelight, this entire look commanded attention and I looove it.

Isaiah & Ashley

Another one of my seniors. Isaiah's session last fall seriously seems like yesterday, yet here we are mere days away from graduation. Isaiah is so cool and edgy and Ashley brings that sweet softness to balance it all out.


ok I have a secret... After these sessions, my sisters and I went through every ensemble again and talked them over on our way to get pizza. You've read all of my opinions up to this point, but I have to say that we were all in agreement about Maddie. I'm pretty sure the words, "she was so cute!" came out of all of our mouths at least twice.

Khloe & Trey

As I was editing these images, my husband walked by and said, "That's a pretty dress! What color is it?"

I said, "I think it's whatever color it's next to." I explained that it was like a mirror (you can literally see my outline taking her picture). He thought that was the coolest thing ever.

Then he said, "Who is that?"

I told him Denita Watt's daughter and he didn't believe that she was old enough to be in high school. Well here she is looking all grown up, wearing an amazing mirror dress.

And Trey is always, always, always the kindest guy. Just so mild and mature.

This couple gets a 10/10 from me!


Miss Arnold here is definitely in her main character era. I love being around her. I love her dress (especially the pockets). She is just as fun as she looks in these photos and just as beautiful- inside and out.


Speaking of the main character...

After "forcing" this brother and sister duo to take a few snaps together, it was time for Owen to take the stage. He killed it. Must be something in these kid's genes. (I'll give you a hint: their momma is the best)

Abby & Landon

I seriously remember meeting Abby when she was just a day or two old. How is this the same baby?! She is strikingly gorgeous, as always. And Landon acted like he had lived in front of a camera his entire life. I could've photographed these two for hours.

Kylie & Brayden

These two are their own competition. Every year they bring their best and somehow it just gets better and better. Can we all appreciate how their floral accessories match the background? And Kylie took the title of "Maggie's Favorite Shoes". A prestigious award, really. Although Brayden did give her a run for her money on that one.

These two must be exhausted from being so perfect.

Mallory & Mady

What's better than one beautiful Buckel lady? Two, of course!

These sisters were a joy to have in front of my camera, as always. Their bond is something precious to capture, but they absolutely rocked their individual shots too. A power duo if I ever saw one.

Jackson & Cadence

Spring has sprung and it's all over these two. How can you not be happy looking at these photos of Jackson and Cadence? They're like little rays of sunshine. Cadence was even holding a bouquet, are you kidding me? *chef's kiss*

Lydia & Tyler

How fun are these two?! In our official review, my sisters and I had an abundance of praise for this couple. We loved the colors, the bowtie, the sleek pony. I could never pull that off, but Sadie said it best: Lydia is just pretty.

Haylee & Braden

"Whoever said, 'Orange is the new Pink,' was seriously disturbed!"

Pink is here to stay. It's a statement-making and classy, like these two. And that train was uh-mazing. I loved the roses too. Can't go wrong. I think the couple with the best hair title has to go to Red and Braden.

Megan & Erin

Different, yet the same. These sisters were twirly, sparkly visions. You can't help but giggle around them. They bring out the best smiles from each other. All of the glitter in my floor was more than worth it to get theses shots of such gorgeous ladies.

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