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Thank you all so much for being patient with me. I wish I could have made this post an hour after the dance, but after 17 (wha?!) sessions in a row, I finally narrowed down my favorites to around 170. I am absolutely elated to present to you some of the best and most beautiful Austin High School has to offer. Since I've been doing prom and dance pictures, they have produced some of my favorite portraits in my portfolio and I'm so happy to say that this year did not disappoint.

I know how much goes into going to a formal event- I went to four myself through high school. Each and every time I emptied my poor parents' wallets for just one night's worth of fun with my friends. And 10 years later, what do I have to show for it? Well, outside of my husband, just pictures. I could not tell you how many times I've looked back at myself in a fluffy dress holding onto the arm of the man I'd soon marry. I know not everyone ends up with their prom date, but whether you went alone, with friends, with a friend, or with that special someone, I try my hardest to make sure that the one thing you'll have to look back on lives up to the time, attention, and money that it takes to put it all together.

Although that task sounds all big and daunting, honestly these students made it so easy. Everyone was beyond sweet, patient, and easygoing. Not to mention incredibly stunning. An afternoon this busy isn't a task I can complete on my own, so first of all I just want to thank God for the beautiful weather! Cloudy and no rain is a lot to ask for, but it's the best you can get for taking pictures outside. Thanks to my Momma for being my secretary the entire day. The poor lady probably thought she was done helping me with proms after I graduated. Thanks to my little sisters, Sadie and Luci, for bending down to fix dresses and reminding me how outdated my word choices are. Sorry, I'm just too old to be cool anymore. Lastly, thanks to each and every amazing student who trusted me with their images. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. of you were so much fun to work with.

Let's get to the good stuff:


Miss Calli kickstarted my marathon of sessions and she killed it. I’m 100% convinced that red is her color. Just like her dress, her eyes even glistened! And when it all became too bright, she threw on some shades and took the fit to another level. The only thing that shined brighter than her ensemble was her sweet personality. Keep that fun-loving spirit alive!

Kassidy & Isaiah

Kassidy joined Calli for a few fun snaps, and in complete contrast. That’s one of my favorite parts of prom nights- every one is so different! Instead of a bright and bold look, Kassidy came in wearing a gorgeous lavender gown and shoes that I’m not sure how they weren’t sold together. The color coordination was off the charts. Ever so eager to pose next to his sister was Isaiah in his own red and black get-up. Pair that with his hair and shoes and we’ll call it one awesome start to my afternoon.


Emma! I was so excited to shoot miss Emma. I’ve had the privilege a few times, and she’s always so bubbly and genuine. Every time I showed her the back of the camera, it just made me want to take more and more pictures of her. She’s so easy to pose and so easy to please. She’s comfortable with herself and it is obvious to see in her images. I wish I had as much zeal for life!

Jenna & Gavin

Jenna and Gavin were so adorable. I will always love a deep blue dress. I never quite had the hair and complexion to pull them off as well as Jenna, though. Gavin stood next to her like a true gentleman, looking quite dapper himself in those rich, dark colors. I would bet my SD card that these two had a blast that evening. They were so great to work with and completely at ease with each other.

Heaven & Kendall

It’s Heaven again! I really didn’t think there would be a more enchanting dress than her’s last year, but she amazed me again! This time with Kendall by her side, these two made for one especially stylish couple. I was completely digging the short sleeves. My big ol' expecting belly, compression socks, and loafers may have been just a little bit jealous of how cool these two looked (and are!).

Saige & Jake

Can anyone else not decide what color Saige’s dress is?? I’m so jealous of formal wear options today. It seems like the possibilities are endless. You can even buy optical illusions like Miss Saige here. One second it looked blue, then pink, then purple. Honestly it could have been a brown paper sack and she still would have been gorgeous. I suppose Jake was just as enchanted by the color-changing dress as I was because he showed up in a black and white number that was the most amazing contrast to his date. Who else saw the paisley suit trend coming? Certainly not me, but after photographing Jake, I'm here for it.

Keely & Jackson

Shades are the thing this year. Not to be outdone by anyone, Keely and Jackson came donning a vintage blue gown and black suit with details to the max. I heard, “Bonnie and Clyde” mentioned behind me as I was posing them. Bonnie and Clyde only wish to be this cool one day.

Mallory & Cameron

Ok, so I have a little secret for you: one of my most favorite things ever is seeing the same couple together year after year. Mallory and Cameron graced my camera for the second year in a row. Always the gentleman, Cameron stood back and let Mallory shine in her amazing SILVER dress! I’m telling you, nobody was this cool when I was in school.

Kylie & Jadon

For a short 10 minutes, I got to photograph a Cinderella story! Kylie and Jadon were like a fairytale in their soft blues. Right down to the Converse- although probably not as easy to lose as a glass slipper. I hope your all’s evening was a magical as you looked!


Why does looking at images of Mayci always make me emotional?! She’s so grown-up and absolutely glowing. My heart will always have a soft spot for red, sparkling dresses (shoutout to homecoming court 2014!) but Mayci’s bright smile and incredible bouquet put her on another level. Also some of my most favorite prom shoes ever. Thanks for always, always, always being such a joy to shoot. Enjoy the little bit of what’s left of senior year!

Kylie & Brayden

Last year, I’m pretty sure I used words like, “fairytale” to describe this couple. Proving they can absolutely slay any look: Brayden and Kylie sported a much more “Sandy and Danny” vibe this year. It truly was striking, but don’t let the fierceness fool you, these two are just as big of sweethearts as I’ve ever met. Thank you SO much for giving me such amazing content to shoot.

Megan & Brandon

A few seconds into Megan and Brandon’s session, I was rendered speechless. I finally was able to muster up, “Is that a stegosaurus on your flowers?!” I mean. I was shook. How creative. Hands down my favorite floral display- perhaps because I have a 2 year old obsessed with dinosaurs or perhaps because these two were the most charming couple ever. It was honestly hard to get them to smile at the camera only because they couldn’t stop gushing at each other!

Kelsey and Brady

I usually ask my clients for both serious and smiley faces when they pose. I think everyone can agree that most people are better at one or the other. Not these two. Kelsey and Brady not only had some of the best serious-faced poses, but their smiles were almost too much for my camera. Might I dare to say best hair as well? You two need to calm down, ok? I really can't handle the perfection.

Bentley & Teagan

How classy are these two? You really can't go wrong with some pink roses and a timeless gown-tux combo. The gems on Teagan's dress matched Bentley's gray bowtie, and Teagan's hair was so modern-meets-elegant. But wait. There's more. Suspenders! Everything about their look was so classic and glamorous, but my favorite part is still their smiles.


This lady knows how to sell a look. From her ridiculously fierce walk, to her red dress complete with matching lip and hair, Maddie is an expert model. Why? Because she has fun and she makes sure everyone else around her is having fun too. I was so excited to shoot her again this year. Maddie, you were a vision from head to sparkly toe.

Maddy & Emily

While she was walking towards my camera, Maddy announced that she could never be a model. Kinda have to disagree. She's gorgeous whether she thinks so or not, and the camera couldn't get enough of her. Emily came to pose with her in the most whimsical dress. As we were leaving, my mom pointed out how pretty the ombre was. I'm also obsessed with her hair color and amazing smile.

Maddie, Mayci, Kennadi & Ella

These four were like the cherry on top of my Sunshine Society sundae. Way too many giggles for this photographer to capture. Always ready for a party, these ladies quickly ditched the heels for bare feet and Birkenstocks. I can only image how much fun they had the rest of the night.

Joining their friends in red, Kennadi and Ella stunned in some dark, sophisticated gowns. Only to be matched by their amazing laughs and bright spirits. It was a blast, girls!

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