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Ring the bells! Sound the alarms! Let it be known far and wide:


Maybe it's just me, but when I was in high school, it was pretty much guaranteed to be a gloomy, rainy day. After circumstances of the world robbed us all of prom season last year, I think these fine young ladies and gents deserved a beautiful day.

Even if it had been nasty outside, their smiles were so bright that there would have been enough sunshine to go around. My goodness does AHS have some pretty girls. I mean beautiful. And all of these young men all dressed up...

Go ahead and get comfy- I promise it's worth the scroll.

Jamie Caudill

The perfect start to my session marathon! Jamie absolutely set the tone for the day with her elegance and joyfulness. Thank you for performing 1,000 poses in just a few minutes while I found the best angles and lighting. Honestly, you made them all look good. Anyone else thinking Jamie looks a bit like Taylor Swift?! gorgeous

Caitlyn Royalty ft. Lillie

Only one person could have stolen the spotlight from Caitlyn with her long, dark locks and even longer train. All eyes were on Miss Lillie when she joined in on the photo action. Her giggles and gazes at Caitlyn made it pretty easy to see that she loves her aunt! And why wouldn't she? Caitlyn is so sweet and so stunning. So fierce and so gentle all at the same time! (examples below)

Colton & Co.

How cool do you have to be to have not one, not even two, but three ladies on your arm for prom night? I guess only Colton will ever know.

And what else would you wear but a white tux, of course?! Complete with colorful corsage, shades, and hat: Colton was definitely the coolest cat around. Try not to be blinded by the cool (or the suit).

Haylee & Braden

RED! Red hair, red roses, red gown... I can't get enough!

What a timeless and classy look Haylee and Braden sported. Right down to the sparkling manicure, everything about this ensemble was perfect. My favorite part, though? Their smiles.

Kendall Smith


Kendall, Kendall.

Don't know what else to say about Kendall except that she is one big, bright, beautiful ball of confidence, fun, and whit that makes you laugh a lot and feel completely comfortable because she is so comfortable in her own skin that it's contagious and by the time she's spent five minutes in the room, everyone else can't help but be happy too and then you realize why she has so many friends because you wanna be her friend too.


Yup, just not sure what else to say about Miss Kendall...

Brooklyn Eversole

I don't feel very old, but maybe I am because I keep hearing myself say things like, "back in my day."

For example:

Back in my day, prom dresses were distinguishably prom dresses. Nowadays, prom dresses are more like red carpet dresses. No fair! Why didn't anyone tell us we could look that good? (lookin' at you, Brooklyn!)

Gotta admit it, from the lace detail to the train to the braid to the eyes... I may be just a bit jealous. And let's not even mention the fact that I've always wanted to be a blonde. How does it feel to be the whole package, Brooklyn? Huh??

Mallory & Cameron

After shooting all afternoon, I come home and my husband asks me, "Alright, who's dress was your favorite?"

And I could honestly answer him, "I can't pick one. Everyone seriously looked so good."

(but I will secretly say that the color of Mallory's dress made my neutral-loving heart the most happy)

Throw some sequins on there and you can't go wrong! Not sure anyone could have rocked it better than this dazzling young lady.

And although I could never pick a favorite gown, I think I can say Cameron's shoes were my fav.

Just want to thank the both of you so much for being so fun! I mean, just look at that twirl...

Erin & Jackson ft. Megan & Brandon

You guys! Jackson used to be my baby. And now here he is driving to prom.

Ok, I guess I am old.

Definitely not a baby anymore, my little cousin has grown into such a handsome young man. Equally as charming was his sweet date, Erin.

Her dress had pockets. Pockets! I was obsessed. The only thing that could take my attention away from the pockets was her amazing smile. For being so rushed, these kids sure looked perfect.

bonus: We had a quick minute to snap a shot of Megan and Brandon before they all headed off. More than worth it.

Kylie & Brayden

If photographing prom sessions has taught me anything, it's that I have a strong love for floral ties. But a floral tie and suspenders? Can't think of a better getup.

I lied. If you pair that with a dress that looks like it was made for royalty, then I can't think of a better getup.

I could honestly shoot Kylie all day. No matter what she does, she's gorgeous! These two were amazing right down to the shoes (scroll for proof).

Misti & Tristan

Misti's gown was so elegant and whimsical that it makes their images look straight out of a fairytale. If only I had a balcony and a white horse...

But seriously, these two are a sweetness overload! Misti is obviously gorgeous and Tristan was such a gentleman. And to top it all off: a striped bowtie.

Can we all agree that the image of Tristan helping Misti with her corsage is the most precious thing we've seen all day?

Heaven & Misti ft. Kelsie & Brittany

No, you're not seeing double. Misti and Heaven are sisters who could pass as twins. And if their incredible looks weren't enough to convince you, the way they made fun of and hugged each other all in the same minute make it pretty clear that they have that sister bond.

Heaven's dress had maximum twistability and we took full advantage. And speaking of taking advantage, I seized the opportunity to snap a few of Kelsey, Brittany, and Heaven clearly having a great evening already.

Kendra & Chance

And the award for "Best Serious Faces" goes to Kendra and Chance.

I've come to learn that some people are better at the smile, while others are better at the smolder. But it's rare that I get a pair who are experts at both. Even more rare is the wind perfectly hitting my beautiful model's hair. Safe to say this mini session was a photographer's dream.

Maddie Buhr ft. Rylie

After asking my mom if Maddie was there yet, she said, "Yeah. Over there. Didn't you see her?"

Truth is, I could hardly recognize these two beauties. The images in my brain of Maddie and Rylie are of little girls at the baseball field. And now look at them. All grown up and stunning.

In fact, while going through the images, I told my mom, "Maddie was so funny!"

"Yes, and beautiful! Wouldn't you love to have that hair color?"

I coincidentally said the exact same thing to my husband the night before. And further confirming my red carpet statement, Maddie's black dress and killer shoes deserved to be on the runway.

Emily & Jack

These two were a blast and so, so, so, ravishing. The classic black bowtie, the earrings, the red lips... Emily and Jack were giving off major old Hollywood glamor vibes and I am here for it.

Emily's black, sparkling, off-the-shoulder gown created the perfect opportunity to add in a pop of red. And that hair! Wow!

Let talk about Jack. What do you all think? Shades or no shades?

They looked so timeless that it was all I could do to not make their whole gallery black and white. Thanks for being awesome, you two!

Whew! Whatta day!

Told you it was worth the scroll.

Thanks, Mom, for your help!

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