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This Sunday happily brings you not one, but two amazing senior sessions, but before I dive into how completely obsessed I am with this session, allow me to share a story with you:

A couple of months ago, my mom told me that she had seen the most beautiful girl at a school sporting event and she finally figured out who it was. She showed me a picture and I agreed. She said, "I really hope you get to do her senior pictures."

Fast-forward to Friday, I was coming home from my session and I told her, "Yeah, she was the most gorgeous girl. I'm so excited to look through them."

"Who was it?" she asked.

"She's a senior at Austin. Her name is Danielle and she-"

"THAT'S HER! That's the girl I was telling you about! Isn't she pretty? Oh, I'm so excited to see them!"

Let me tell ya, momma knows best. Not only is Danielle indescribably stunning, she's also the biggest sweetheart. She wants to go into elementary education, and after talking with her for a little while, I think she will be incredible at it. Careers like that truly do require someone special.

Speaking of special, I can't get over the way the Autumn sun glowed around Danielle. The warm tones were prefect with her skin and hair and she was more than willing to tackle any pose, no matter how uncomfortable. Thank you, Danielle, for one dream of a session.

Also, giraffes are her favorite, so we definitely had to take advantage of that.

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