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If this post seems a bit familiar to you, you may be remembering Ryan's brother Logan's senior session. I didn't realize how much they resembled each other until I was behind the camera getting flashbacks of Logan's face in the viewfinder. Maybe it's the fact that they both have the most incredible skin? Like seriously, flawless. Logan and Ryan may look alike, but don't be fooled. Ryan is his own person.

This senior is what I would describe as mellow. Calm, cool, and collected. I would even venture to say that not much gets to him. I can see him remaining level-headed and sensible no matter what obstacles life may throw his way. I can't think of a single thing Ryan may decide to do in which this trait wouldn't be super helpful. Whatever it is, I have no doubt he'll crush it. Until then, enjoy your senior year, Ryan! It sure is a busy time, but so much fun. Here's one more thing crossed off the list!

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