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Another day, another perfect senior session with another perfect senior. Guys, I’m not even being nice. Logan has perfect hair, a perfect complexion, and perfect manners (way to go, Momma!).

Soon this soccer star will be on his way to make a mark on this big ol’ world, but until then, there’s still a few more milestones to hit. Crossing one off the list, Logan joined me on Friday night for his senior portraits.

I mean… how cool are these shots? I could have put Logan in a dumpster and he would have made it look refined, but I’ll take a dock if I can get it! Naturally, I’m a bit of a girly-girl. I have no problem with the twirls and flowy hair shots. Although lately, I’ve found a new passion for senior guy portraits. It’s almost like I put on a much cooler, more adventurous alter ego and let her go wild. Logan happily nailed every pose and crazy idea I could throw at him.

Serious look? Yup, nailed it.

Soft smile? No problem.

Look off in to the distance? Like a pro

All that and the fact that he brought his red guitar?! Awesome stuff, right there.

Thank you, Logan (and Crystal!!) for being the absolute sweetest people on the planet and trusting me with your memories. Whatever you want to do next Logan, go crush it!

Last picture. What do you all think? b&w or color??

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