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If you didn't know, in just two short months (or less!) we're having a baby girl. Even as I type that, it seems surreal. In 100% contrast to when we were expecting Landon, I sometimes forget she's even coming. Life is just so busy right now. We're trying to pack up our entire lives as we build our forever home, our jobs and our businesses seem to be infinitely more busy than they were three years ago, and, oh yeah, we're chasing around a toddler all day. It's not that I'm not over-the-moon excited to welcome a little Turner girl into the world, it's just that I don't have endless hours in the day to think about her like I did with Landon.

So it was very special for us to get to take even just an hour of our busy lives and focus on our growing family. People always ask how I do my own photography sessions, so here's the short version: I set up my manual camera settings, I pose us, I give the camera to my mom who presses the shutter and so patiently lets me look through them and redo the ones I don't like. Then I bring them home and edit them like any other session. Not to mention Aunt Sadie who holds 1 million accessories and Pa who keeps Landon entertained. It really does take a village, y'all. It may require some extra work, but I'm in love with these sweet shots that highlight our last days as a family of three.

It's hard to imagine loving another as much as I love my little boy, but I know God will only expand my heart, not make me divide my love. I may not understand it quite yet, but I'm so excited for the next time I can hold my newborn on my chest! I wish I could end this post by saying, "Ready when you are, baby girl!" But I'm not at all- I really need to finish packing first *insert nervous laugh emoji*

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