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When our boy turned one, he wanted to feature rocks in his photoshoot. When he turned two, he was a farmer, so tractors and animals it was for that session. When he turned three, I had a newborn and mom-failed that one. BUT now that he's four, I can make up for last year with one amazing birthday session featuring his great-grandpa Charles' 1951 MG TD Roadster.

This car has been in the family for longer than I have (over 12 years) and just recently became drivable. Very coincidentally, Landon is currently in his Cars era. He loves all things Lightening McQueen and Mater and plays with his cars at least four times a day-no exaggeration. So I thought it would be perfect for me to snap some shots of my big boy with this beauty.

This kid is too much. He has such a deep personality. He's never met a stranger. He loves to tell stories. He makes me laugh every day. He loves going into gas stations with his daddy. He's a deep thinker and he never forgets anything. He says I love you all. the. time. That's the Josh Turner in him.

I can't believe I've been blessed enough to know him for four years now. It feels like yesterday that they laid him on my chest, but somehow it also feels like a lifetime ago. I couldn't imagine life without Landon and I couldn't imagine a cuter session! Of course we had to include little sister too because that's his baby.

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