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BEST OF 2023

Updated: Jan 1

Whew! When I first thought of doing a recap blog post, I did not know how big of a challenge it would be. Turns out picking just one or two favorites from every session in the last year is a decently large feat. Mainly because I shot over 130 incredible sessions in 2023! We start back in January and end with a sneak peek from the wedding I shot yesterday. I had literal tears in my eyes as I was scrolling through the highlights of the past year. Friends, family, friends who have become family, and strangers who quickly became friends all lit up my camera these last twelve months. All of this is thanks to you all. I have the best clients ever. I didn't spend a penny on advertising/marketing in 2023, and I had to decline several sessions because my calendar (and heart) were full.

When people ask, I tell them I'm a photographer and a pharmacist on the side. If you ask anyone who has known me since middle school, my plan A was always to be a stay-at-home mom. As I'm sure you all know, that's financially more and more impossible as each year passes. Thanks to my husband buying me a camera for Valentine's Day in 2017 to give me a "hobby", I now can stay home with my babies all day while running a business that I absolutely love. Sometimes I still can't believe this is my job. "Blessed" doesn't cut it. To God be the glory for every thing!

I hope you enjoy scrolling through my favorites of favorites. Here's to a one unbelievable year wrapped up and an even better one ahead!

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