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Dillon and Brooke had one of my favorite engagement sessions. Not only because they're so stinkin' cute and funny, but because it looked like they were in a landscape painting. The weather, the lighting, and the background were unbeatable. Or at least I thought. I am so happy (and a little shocked) to say that their beautiful wedding topped the high expectation left from their engagement session. As I looked through their sneak peeks, it reminded me of one big watercolor painting. The colors and florals worked together so well. God truly blessed us with great weather. The lighting was soft and dreamy. Best of all, the new Mr. and Mrs. Williams were so happy in love that all of these conditions made for one extremely happy Maggie.

I loved getting to follow them around all day and wittness all of those little moments that make up a memorable wedding day. I know (and appreciate) that Brooke was a very detail-oriented bride. I'm super duper excited for her to see how those details translated into image form. But despite her type-A, detail-loving, put-together personality, she managed to laugh and relax the whole day. Her new hubby, Dillon, got to see the most beautiful bride walk down the aisle and then fish with her. Doesn't get much better than that.

A long time ago (like when I got married) unity ceremonies were pretty much limited to...well, candles. Who even knows where those are now. I love seeing how couples nowadays are choosing unity ceremonies that represent them. Things that are meaningful and can be kept as a true symbol for years and years. I've seen a lot of different things over the last few years, but Dillon and Brooke were truly unique. After they said their vows, they wanted to have a "first cast" as Mr. and Mrs. because fishing is one of the ways they bonded together when they were falling in love. It was adorable. Like so many other aspects of this day, and I had a blast getting to capture it all.

Congrats, you two! Have fun taking a look at just a few of my favorites. Plenty more to come!

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