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I think one of my favorite things about weddings is how they have the power to completely reverse your expected emotions. I've seen brides who are usually quiet and soft-spoken become the life of the party. I've seen the nerves on grooms faces literally melt away the second they see their bride. I don't know how many times I've heard, "You know, I thought I'd be super anxious, but I'm really not at all!" or, "Wow, I'm surprised at how calm and collected he's acted today."

After doing this for seven years, I'd like to give my "expert" opinion on the matter: when you know in your heart that you're marrying the right one, your wedding day will cause your emotions to play tricks on you. Brittany and Ryan are good examples of this. Brittany, known even to herself as the "thinker" and "worrier," was cool and undisturbed the whole day. She let herself relax, laugh out loud, and just take the day as it came. Ryan, the one who doesn't get emotional, found himself wiping grateful tears more than once throughout the day. When a bride and groom can let go of the stress and worry and just enjoy holding the hand of the one they love while they're surrounded by everyone who loves them, it makes for one magical wedding day.

And boy, do I love to capture it. I am a hopeless romantic, after all, so my heart (and camera) get kinda carried away at days like this. The new Mr. and Mrs. Roederer chose soft and inviting details to match their personalities. Their guests were proud and happy to be there. The venue and weather were perfect. I hope these memories live happily in their hearts forever.

Brittany and Ryan, let me just say how excited and happy I am for the both of you. Thank you for being so easy to work with. You and your family were so kind and thoughtful to me. I'm proud to introduce Mr. and Mrs. Roederer (in images) for the first time!

DJ: John Cortie

Catering: Parlour Pizza

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