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It's the biggest fashion day of the year! No, no. Not the Met. I mean it's time to release the SSS Dance blog for 2024!I know I've said it before, but I really do feel like a one-man paparazzi getting to click click click away at my very own personal fashion show. What's even better, is I get to watch these guys grow up year after year, get to know them a little bit, and be completely blown away by the fashion choices they make. Starting with...


In complete contrast to her fluffy, cotton candy, pink, princess dress last year, Emma walked in wearing a bright green twirler. Although maybe not quite cotton candy princess, the sweet little leafy straps did make me think fairy princess. Tell me another girl that could make such a bold, beautiful color feel so soft and dainty. Just proof that that contagious smile can go with anything. Emma, you are always sweet as pie and I absolutely love getting to see you all dolled up every year.


Barbie, cough I mean Ella, wowed the laminate carpet in the sleekest bright pink dress. We had a blast playing with that train! After watching her destroy her 8th Grade Dance session last year in black, I wasn't so sure another color could look better. I guess I need to be more open-minded and realize that when these young ladies have a vision, they will absolutely execute and look stunning every time. It makes me super excited to see what sweet Ella will come up with the next three years.

Jenna & Gavin

I told Jenna that my husband and I went to this dance together four times and he always wanted me to wear an orange dress, but I never did. Watching Jenna and Gavin makes me wish that I would have! I loved all of their details. From the subtle rhinestoning on her dress to the paisley design on his jacket...not to mention orange roses?! Yep, Jenna and Gavin were once again, ready to take on prom in style.

Luci & Ian

This girl was two, two, when I wore my own blue dress to my freshman year SSS dance. I'm sorry. I can't fall down that rabbit hole or I'll start crying. You see, if you couldn't tell by looking at us, Lu and I are sisters, and I thought that photographing her and Ian for the 8th Grade Dance last year was hard. Now here they are in high school. And looking dapper, might I add. I'm all for a grey suit moment, and I'm sure my dad wasn't too upset that it was paired with a sparkly UK blue dress. Intentional or not, these two looked great and I'm so proud of them.

Monse & Baetty

Monse is my third baby sister, not by blood, but at this point by default. I've watched these girls raid my pantry and giggle in my backseat for years now. Not gonna lie, it's kind of weird to see them looking like grown women. When I was editing, I said, "I thought Monse's color looked great on her," and my mom said, " I can't think of a color that wouldn't look great on her." Touché. Now let's talk about Baetty. I just wanna know how long it took to find a tie and boutonniere to match the shoes. Baetty was my poster child for 8th Grade Dance pictures last year and his coolness factor did not disappoint this year.

Berm & Kylie

This is the 4th and final year I'll be photographing this lovely couple for prom night. Many a variation in looks have these two given me and not a one of them did disappoint. This year, we got to see the purple side of this dynamic prom duo and I loved it! I'm sure at this point, they could pretty much pose themselves, but I still have so much fun having them in the studio.

Lydia & Caleb

Lydia was a crowd favorite last year in her purple dress and slicked-back ponytail. By crowd, I mean me and my sisters, and may I just say she can once again claim her red! What a perfect, classy look for such a beauty. The bow earrings. Seriously?! I can't handle it. Sharing this session was Caleb in his SSS Dance debut, and much like his brother in the session before him, he can rock a suit and pair of Jordans.


Ok, I have a story for this one. One cool thing about having the studio off the back of my house is that I can get my kids down for a nap right before everyone comes. But they do eventually wake up. Evelyn decided to grace the crowd with her bedhead in the middle of Mady's session. After her granny got her ready to head out the door, I turned around to her and said, "Bye, sissy. Love you!" She said, "Bye, momma," then she looked at Mady and said, "Bye, princess!"

It was the cutest. Just to look at Mady from her eyes. I bet with her gorgeous twirly purple dress and soft smile, she probably looked just like the princesses we saw at Disneyland.


I was so in love with Kassidy's 2023 look. I even took an extra picture of her ring to show my husband for inspiration. This year, I did the exact same thing. It may be fair to say that Kassidy wins my vote for accessory queen. Of course, I'm partial to gold, but I really do love how everything came together. Kassidy is such a mild and soft personality and her last two SSS Dance looks are so bold and unforgettable.


Alongside Kassidy's bold, blue dress came Kaylee in the most intricate pink gown. Every time I looked at it, I saw a new design. "Is that a butterfly?" Yep! "Is that a bow? A flower?" Yep and yep! It was definitely giving "Barbie". I think that's the first time I've used "it's giving" in a sentence. These youngsters are rubbing off on me. Kaylee, you looked gorgeous!


Abby! This sweet girl has been through so much the last week, but you would never know it. She looked like a million bucks. Just let me tell ya, I could've photographer her all night. Not just because she was so pretty and had a perfectly twistable dress, but also because she's just the most beautiful soul, inside and out.


I'm pretty sure this girl bedazzles something every year for prom. No matter how sparkly the accessory, though, none shine as bright as Callie herself. I have so much fun with her every time I get to take her portrait, but this may have topped them all. Even in the best moment of my 18 years, I've never been a fraction as cool as Callie.

Khloe & Cason

Khloe looks so good in any color, that she has to choose them all. Her dress was like an optical illusion last year, and I loved it. This year, the magic continued. Her dress looks different in every light, but I'm super happy with the way it sparkled in the studio! Next to her, Cason decided to sport navy accessories and the coolest boutonniere I've seen.

Ashley & Isaiah

Oh, these two have my heart! This is their final dance together and they decided to go out with a bang. In the form of a timeless black suit and Cinderella-style gown. It reminded me of the ocean- shimmering and wavy. They didn't make dresses this cool 10 years ago (trust me, I looked). I hope you all had the best last dance ever! You deserved it and you looked incredible!

Evelyn & Kaden

If I had to pick my two favorite colors to wear, I would have to say black and gold. And here come Evelyn and Kaden in the perfect combo of both. Plus white roses and the bow shoes! How chic and timeless. I loved getting to see both of their personalities come through in their images. They're both so put-together and bubbly.

Shelby & Dakota

These two decided last minute to go to the dance, much to my benefit. They were so natural and fun in front of the camera. Their deep blue and black pairing reminded me of the midnight sky and the sparkles on Shelby's dress were the stars. What a perfect way to end the marathon of sessions this wonderful weekend. Until next year, promers!

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