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"You know how you say that your grass has to look good because other people pay you to take care of theirs?"


"I'm a photographer and I haven't had a picture of my family since sis was born."

*sighs in surrender*

And that's how I convinced my hubby to get ready to take pictures 28 minutes before they happened.

During said 28 minutes, I picked out my outfit, looked in the mirror, and said out loud, "I look like my Nana!" Seeing myself reminded me of every young picture I've ever seen of her. It was unintentional, but I was wearing her signature outfit from the 90's and early 2000's.

Exhibit A:

So off we went to the now-harvested corn field down the road to take some updated family shots. These three cuties fill my life with so much joy. I thank God for them every day. Since I was 15, I always pictured my life with Josh, raising a family. Even in my wildest dreams I wasn't this blessed.

Thanks to Sadie for trying to get my kids to smile and hitting the shutter. Somehow we got a few decent ones.


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