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You may recognize this sweet couple from their wedding blog. Joseph and Eden are two of my most loyal customers. They let me take pictures of them way back when they were dating, before I even knew how to work my camera. And now they're about *sniff* to be *sniff* PARENTS! (No, I'm not crying, it must have been all of the pollen in the air from the beautiful, blooming flowers...)

If you know me a bit, you probably know that I usually stay away from color. I prefer neutral clothes, clean backgrounds, muted tones...

But this absolutely precious garden maternity session was bursting with bright, beautiful colors in the very best way and I loved it! Ahhhh it was just so whimsical and sweet. And Eden's dress was perfect! Look at her against that yellow wall, she's glowing! *sniff*

These two never disappoint and I cannot express how grateful I am to have captured every stage of their relationship. Miss Esther will be here so soon! Can you imagine the DIY powers of Joseph and Eden combined?! Or the sense of humor this kid is genetically guaranteed to have? Gosh, I can't wait to meet her!

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