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Updated: Nov 10, 2020

They say the deal is in the details. If there was one thing in which this day was not lacking, it was breathtaking details. Joseph, Eden, and their families made quite sure of that. Between the whimsical greenery, succulent-filled bouquets, and lace sleeves, I was in a photographer's playground. But I have to admit, the most beautiful details were those that went just a little bit deeper. The memory of Eden's beloved, late Grandpa Charles overshadowed the entire day through details such as his necktie pin and a delicate charm on Eden's bouquet. Even the venue, the Carriage House, was right across the street from where Charles used to work. He was honored, celebrated, and very missed on this beautiful day.

Beautiful may be an understatement. It was essentially perfect.

What is your idea of the perfect wedding day?

Would it be prefect weather? check

The perfect dress? check

The perfect venue? check

Your perfect match waiting for you at the end of the aisle? check

I guess it’s pretty safe to say that Eden and Joseph’s special day was just perfect. Not only did God allow one day of amazing weather amidst what feels like a Summer of non-stop rain, but this day was just plain fun. Guests could choose to spend their time playing handmade yard games, relaxing on the string-lit patio, capturing a moment in the larger-than-life photobooth, or simply sitting inside with a plate full of cake, listening to family and friends relay precious (or embarrassing) memories of the new Mr. & Mrs.

The montage of moments I got to witness and capture are simply priceless. Bridesmaids giggling and gushing over their beautiful friend. A mother's hand wrapped around her baby's as she says a prayer for her through teary eyes. Two proud fathers escorting their shared daughter down the aisle. Children cackling as the giant Jenga takes a tumble. A long, emotional hug between the groom and his mother following a heartfelt speech. And one spunky flower girl, microphone in hand, asking Mr. & Mrs. Landmark if they had plans to get a puppy.

Eden & Joseph,

June 21, 2019 was every bit as unique, fun, and joyful as the two of you. I have been looking forward to capturing this day for months. I had very high expectations, and they were all exceeded. I couldn’t thank you enough for allowing me the honor.

I know I said it in a speech, but God has blessed me with a best friend and a spiritual partner, and it isn’t difficult to see that you two have both of those things at the foundation of your relationship. Never take for granted just how rare and precious that is. Always pray together and never quit laughing with each other! (Seriously, it’s adorable!)

So much love to you both!


Reception Venue: The Carriage House

Florals: Dianne Nelson and Tena Edwards

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