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Hold on to your horses, cowboys and cowgirls, because this little Buckaroo is so cute he'll knock you right off of it. I'm really not sure how, but Tatum Brooks is already a year old! I have adored every opportunity I've had to photograph him. His little personality (and his eyes) get bigger and brighter each time. From his newborn portraits, to Christmas, then his 6-month session...I'm really not sure which is the cutest, but this cake smash session is definitely a front-runner.

Before he dove into his cow print cake, Tatum had some quality play time with Mommy & Daddy (and I got to capture it!!) The Blevins family is always an absolute joy to have around, not to mention they always look incredible, even in a western theme! When I came home last night and started sorting through the session on my laptop, my hubby peeked over and said, "I just think he is the most adorable, little thing!"

"Yes," I agreed, "he really is."

"Yeah... and their kid is pretty cute too." *hubby starts laughing at his terrible dad-joke*

Whoever we're talking about, no denying that this session was oozing adorable. Tatum needed just a little encouragement to get his hands dirty, and Mommy & Daddy were more than happy to help him (and lick the icing off their fingers afterwards). Little Mr. Manners did end up with some cake on his face, but kept his white shirt squeaky clean. It was really a win for everybody.

Tatum, everyone adores you. I can't wait to watch you grow even more! Preferably a little slower than this past year went, but I know that's just asking too much.

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