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It's Tatum's half birthday! That's right, it's been an entire six months since Tatum's newborn session and I'm really not sure how, but I think the little nugget may have gotten even cuter.?!

He was just as perfect for my camera as the first time we met. He smiled, he played, he drooled, he laughed, and I snapped away. In fact, as I was moving the raw images from this session, I told my husband, "I'll be done in 5..."

20 minutes later, he says, "What took so long?"

"There were a lot more images than I thought!" and that's because Tatum was so good the. entire. time! How could I not take a gazillion pictures of that gummy grin?

Nick and Treasure were born to be parents and it shows in how much they completely adore this kiddo. And although they can agree that they have the perfect baby, they can't seem to agree on who he looks like.

I'll let you decide.

Can't wait for the next six months, Tatum! They'll go by so fast.

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