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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! And I have to say, these may be some of the most wonderful sessions of the year. Perhaps I’m partial because I’m a huge Christmas person, but these cozy shots and precious families are melting my heart (even though it was absolutely freezing outside!)

Jillian, Kylie, Lyla, Tessa & Owen

These cousins joined forces to create the most adorable moments for me to capture. Mr. Owen may be the only boy among these beauties, but make no mistake: he is the center of the show. He even helped me pose some shots! And Miss Tessa is a master at tickle fighting. It’s clear that both Tessa and Owen adore their older cousins, the beautiful Walker sisters. Add some blue candy canes and we have one perfect and silly family photo!

The Sorg Family

Have you ever wondered what the perfect hair color is? Wonder no more. Peyton and his fiery locks had me totally mesmerized. Seriously, you can’t buy that in a bottle! I wasn’t the only one impressed by this little gentleman. Evelyn sure does love her Peyton! So much so that he was the only one she wanted to be held by. But that was ok because we were able to get some sweet shots of lovebirds Tiffany and Jeff. All the coaxing to get a little grin from Miss Evelyn was totally worth it. Uh-dorable! There is definitely no shortage of cuteness in this family.

The Blevins Family

I wasn’t prepared for the amount of baby perfection this family brought! You'd think that the loud train that went by would have scared these babies, but they were perfect the whole time! In fact, Tatum smiled when the whistle blew! And he wasn't the only one smiling. To say this bunch was fun would be an understatement. They're obviously a close-knit family who know how to laugh together. I'm so thankful for faithful clients and for new ones! Thank you, Blevins family, for being so easy-going and cheerful!

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