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I've been dreaming about this wedding for months! One: because Becca and Michael are the cutest, but also because I knew that it was going to be a floral dream. Why? Michael's stepmom, Maggie, owns Gracie Mae Events. She literally does this for a living. How incredibly convenient is that?! Not only was Maggie on the front lines, decorating and coordinating, but Becca and Michael's wedding was actually at Maggie's house (well, backyard). I had seen Maggie's work in the flesh before, so I knew it was going to be amazing. I was not prepared, however, to pull up and see a ceremony set up behind a massive greenhouse! My little photographing eyes had hearts in them.

Let's get one thing straight: neither of my thumbs are the least bit green. If your mums make it past two months, that's enough to impress me. I can't name plants, I don't understand them, and I certainly can't grow them. So just imagine my amazement when I saw Maggie walk a couple steps to the garden, pluck a few flowers off their stems, and turn around and arrange them right into the archway. *mind blown*

Wedding flowers don't really get any more fresh than that, folks, and it certainly showed in the stunning arrangements and bouquets that adorned the day. It was a botanical dream and I wanted to take full advantage. I'm so happy Becca agreed to take portraits in the greenhouse because she looked like a fairy princess bride. You can't tell by looking at her, but it was approximately 8,000 degrees in there. These portraits were worth every drop of sweat that ran down my back (~248).

As if these greenhouse pictures weren't dreamy enough, by ceremony time, the sun was at the most perfect spot to create a soft, magical glow all around the altar. Despite having the coolest wedding kicks ever, Becca opted last-minute to walk down the garden aisle barefoot. She inspired her bridesmaids and several family members to do the same. The level of vibe was absolutely through the roof (if there was a roof, that is). Walt Disney himself couldn't have orchestrated it any better. The beauty of nature was the star of this show, only to be outdone by the new Mr. & Mrs. Sturgill.

I'm not sure what you envisioned your wedding day to be, Becca and Michael, but if you ask me: it couldn't have been any bit better. You are both such free and gentle spirits. I can tell you're the type of couple that can read each other's minds because you two are so in sync all the time. Your love for each other is even more magical than golden hour in Maggie's garden (and that's a lot!). It was a perfect evening packed full of laughter, tender moments, donuts, muddy feet, and more lifelong memories than a mind can handle. Hopefully these images will help you recollect just a few.

I'm still dreaming about this wedding!

Makeup Artist: Allie Carr

Hair Artist: Brooklyn King

Wedding Gown, Bridesmaids' Dresses, Groom & Groomsmen Attire: BLoved the Chic Boutique

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