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Exactly one year ago, I posted Elise's Maternity Session. Not too long after, the TAL internet family met Mr. Asher Gray. Then we saw his cute little face at Christmas. Today, I'm posting sneak peeks into Asher's first birthday party. If you ever wanted life to go by quicker, all you need to do is have a baby.

But seriously, though. It blows my mind at how grown-up he is! Walking around on those big ol' thighs... waving at my camera... pondering the mechanics of his new toy car... he's almost too much! And I'm not the only one who thinks so. Asher is one loved baby. So many friends and family members came to witness his first cake experience at a Winne-the-Pooh themed celebration. Adorable doesn't begin to describe it! As a Hundred Acre Wood fanatic myself, I so appreciated the many incredible details. Landon appreciated the yummies and cupcakes that satisfied the rumblies in his tumbly (see below).

After hours of running around, socializing, smashing cake, and playing with presents, Asher was one tuckered, but happy boy. It was a perfect first birthday party and I'm glad we made the guest list! Landon played so hard he almost fell asleep on the way home- which never happens. I can't wait to watch Asher grow even more! Trust me when I say the days only go quicker (currently planning Landon's second birthday party- how?!)

Happy Birthday, precious boy!

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