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On the second post of Christmas Minis my clients gave to me:

3 perfect babies

2 adorable siblings

And one amazing confetti phooooooo-toooooooooooh!

The Christmas spirit is in full blast in my little workspace today. I’m sitting here listening to Burl Ives remind me to have a Holly Jolly Christmas, whilst eating a hot coco blizzard all while editing some of the most Christmas-y images I’ve ever had the pleasure of snapping.

I just want to say THANK YOU to all of my amazing clients who trusted me with their yule tide memories. I’m so excited to show you all this second round of sessions, starting with...

The Preston Family

Anna and Clay are celebrating one year of marriage and all the blessings that come with it, including one perfect little baby. Despite the chilly weather, little Emerson remained the most happy little boy ever! His big, blue eyes were fixed on my camera the whole time. Well, except for the times when he saw his momma’s hair.

Happy belated first anniversary, Mr. & Mrs. Preston! Here’s to many more happy years for your sweet, little fam!

Jackson, Elise, and Asher

Asher Gray has graced my camera once again! I’m not sure how, but this little man gets more and more handsome every time I see him. Maybe it was the Santa hat and sweater that set it over the edge this time. I mean, c’mon. It really doesn’t get much cuter than that.

And speaking of cute, Asher’s proud parents shared some endearing moments themselves. Asher lights up when his momma or daddy plays with him. His little feet get going and he starts grinning...I’m just so glad I can capture it!

Hazel Gracelynn

is an angel. If you don't believe me, just look at the second image. I mean... (wow!)

It's hard for me not to see that face and think that she looks just like her beautiful mother! The blonde curls, the big brown eyes, the naturally rosie lips. It's all too much, honestly.

This sweet girl loved running and jumping around, playing with her dog (toy reindeer), and talking on the phone. She is so super smart, she even knows how to hang up. Not to mention the fact that she's crazy fashionable. Yep, Hazel is the whole package. I can't wait to watch this independent little lady grow up. Watch out, world!

Jack & Caroline

The Land siblings dressed up and braved the cold to create these beautiful shots. Fun fact: I traveled half way around the world with Jack and his family when he was two. All of the sudden, he's a young man! I remember sharing Pringles with him as a toddler *insert crying emoji*

And watching Caroline grow up has been an absolute joy. She may be young, but she's an old soul. And please take a sec to admire that hair! I wish I could grow locks like that.

If only everyone could have a big brother like Jack. And if only every big brother could have a little sister like Caroline.

Bonus image: Little miss telling me to hold on...

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