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Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Everyone, Asher. Asher, everyone.

I love photographing new, little humans. Just watching them take in the world around them... Asher was a little bit of a different case for a newborn session, though, because, well, he is already a month and a half old! Which meant two things for the session:

  1. He posed himself

  2. He was wide awake the whole time

Both were welcomed challenges for me! I'd say judging by those big, bright, curious eyes: it worked out.

I'm obsessed with his hair. Babies in my family aren't typically born with lots of hair, so Asher's dark locks are a sweet novelty to me! Even he couldn't keep his hands off (see below).

Elise, you sure have one handsome, lovable, snuggly baby. Even though he seemed a little confused by my mask, I think we became good buddies by the end of our session.

Welcome to the world, little boy! Stay curious!

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