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Hold on to your hats for this one. Mason, the adorable newborn you all saw in my blog about a year ago, well he's not quite so little any more. Although it's hard to wrap my head around it, Mason is no longer the newborn pictured below. He's now the big brother. I know, time flies, right? And now Mason is presenting to you his brand new baby brother, Wesley Hayes.

Although equally as handsome as Mason, I've gotta say I don't think these two look much alike in the newborn phase. It makes me wonder how different they will be. I'm just a little bit jealous of the Crase family. I know your days (and especially nights!) may be hectic right now, but these boys being able to grow up so closely to each other is going to be priceless. What amazing memories you all will make.

Thank you for inviting me into your home to document this precious time, yet again. I honestly expected chaos, and understandably so. You all have two under one. But instead, I felt such a calm and peace. I know God has blessed you and your sweet, little family and I can't wait to watch it continue!

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