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If this ain't the sweetest thing you've seen today... you're wrong.

Mason Carter Crase is here and he's 5 lbs of complete perfection. He was perfectly content the entire session. It was like I was taking pictures of a baby doll. If he moved at all, it was to smile at my camera. Doesn't get any better than that.

And speaking of perfect, Mason's adorable adventure-themed nursery is the perfect place to cuddle up with Mommy and Dada. I have a feeling this kid won't be short on snuggle sessions. Who could resist that sweet, little head? Let's all make our predictions right now: will Mason be a red head?? I bet yes! (But I also thought he was going to be a baby girl, so... *shrugs*)

The wait for Mr. Mason may have been a bit long, but God has perfect timing. I'm beyond happy for you guys, and I can't wait to watch your family and Mason grow!

Oh! Also I'm super impressed at how amazing Hannah looks. No way I could've forced myself into a pretty dress, heels, and curled my hair when Landon was that new. Mommahood looks great on you! And so does that precious necklace- great job, Jeremy!

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