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I know the "pregnancy glow" is a real thing. Unfortunately, I never experienced it myself, but there are just some images that I capture of expecting mommas and it's like you can hear a choir behind them. Shayna is a (literal) shining example. The morning sun wrapped around her like a halo and her sweet smile warmed up the chilly air. She is absolutely stunning, even when she's "behind the scenes" snuggled in a blanket. Motherhood looks good on you already, girl!

But Shayna isn't the only one who caught the camera's attention. Aiden Watts is already so loved and adored, and he's not even here yet! His parents, his grandparents, and all the way through five generations are anxiously waiting for his arrival. Nothing beats endless baby cuddles, but there's something so special about the bond that's created in the nine months when a mother is carrying her child.

"Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart."

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