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Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Life with a newborn is kind of magical. Even though you're sore and sleep deprived and not even sure what day it is, one look at your precious new addition makes it all 110% worth it. I hope I could capture just a few of these precious moments for this adorable little fam.

Ethan, Kelsie, and Jaxon recently welcomed Miss Tatum McKinley to the Anderson household, and I. Am. Obsessed! I mean, just look at those wedding dress pictures- swoon worthy!

Sorry, Daddy, but you're in trouble. You're week-old daughter has already mastered the perfect pouty-lip! Between that, her button nose, and kissable birthmarks, I have a feeling this little girl will be ruling the roost before long (if she isn't already!)

Big brother, Jaxon, is clearly already smitten and who could blame him? He came in like a knight in shining armor when he heard his sweet girl crying. I feel bad for any future boyfriends!

Congratulations, Andersons, on a perfect new addition. I hope you get a little rest and a lot of snuggles!

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