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It took until Shelby's senior session for me to understand how old I'm getting. When I read her shirt that said "2024", I realized that this graduating class will be 10 years after mine. 10 whole years. I feel like the four years of high school were an eternity and everything after that has gone by so quickly.

I hope Shelby loves school as much as I did. I'm pretty sure she does because she's thinking about staying in school for forever. As a teacher, that is! I always say there are a few professions where you simply can't be taught how to excel. Doctors, nurses, social workers, and, of course, educators. Anybody could do it, but if you don't have the heart for it, you'll never be a great one.

After spending a little more time with Shelby, I have no doubt she will be incredible at whatever she chooses to do. She has the most gentle and bubbly personality. I can't picture her getting upset. Always polite, and always willing to do whatever I asked of her. Even if that meant sitting her bare legs on the ground on a crisp, 40-degree Autumn day. You can't even tell how frozen she was! That's the sign of a great model, right there. That and hair that matches any background.

Thanks for the portfolio-builder, Shelby! You're beautiful- inside and out.

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