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It truly never gets old. Every single session, I get so giddy about the moments I capture. Every single time, I'm excited to get the RAW files onto my laptop so I can go through each image and just feel downright happy about what I do. I love every step in the process, but I think the best part about this job is the people I've met along the way.

I've made life-long friends simply because I took their portraits years ago. I get to witness, first hand, the most special moments of my clients' lives. I get to behold such beautiful people, inside and out, and put them into some form of art that they can cherish forever. Thursday was one of those sessions. If I had never picked up a camera, I would have never met Olivia, and I would've been missing out.

Olivia is at the doorstep of the rest of her life as she finishes up her senior year. She's so soft and humble that it was instant gratification to show her the back of my camera and see her eyes light up. Her personality is just as pretty as her pictures. Her naturally curly and deep red hair was so beautiful against the fall background. She was the absolute perfect addition to my favorite year of seniors yet.

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