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When is the best time to have a baby? I didn't know the answer until yesterday, but after this spectacular hot chocolate bath session, I am now convinced that it is approximately 6 months before the holidays. For her half birthday shoot, Oaklyn was sweet enough to share the spotlight with her family, including my BFF Beckett. I didn't think anything could be as cute as her sister's strawberry bath at 6 months, but man, these genes run strong! Have you ever seen two prettier little ladies?

Miss Mae has developed a bit of personality since we last saw her in her newborn session, and I am loving it. This girl brought her a-game, splashing all the way. It only makes me that much more excited for her first birthday session!

Cozy, little at-home sessions like these remind me that these are the good ol' days. Kiddos are only young once, and this time of year is so magical. Let's soak up every moment, even if that means soaking up some hot coco! And if you were wondering: yes, these shots were 1000% worth the mess.

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