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I have found the perfect client. Her name is Oaklyn Mae. Little Miss Sweetness waited patiently inside her momma's belly just long enough for us to get a maternity session in. She (very) soon after made her entrance into the world- literally born ready for me to photograph her. The Sleepe family welcomed me into their home yesterday to get a glimpse into their new life as a family of four. As they cuddled in what has the be the most tranquil nursery ever, I snapped away. Oaklyn didn't make a peep, the warm sunset peeked through the nursery window, and the whole room smelled like a spa. It was probably the most calm session I've ever done.

Thanks to Miss Beckett, we got some good grins out of little sis. This newborn (newborn!) was smiling on cue as her big sister gave her kisses on the forehead. I can only imagine the fun these two will have as they get older. But for now, Beckett is doing a great job in her new role. She even helps change diapers!

Michal & Thomas, you all certainly have some beautiful girls. You make life with a toddler and a newborn look incredibly easy and peaceful. So much so that it almost makes me want another one... almost.

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