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How precious can one family get?! After a long, difficult journey to welcome their first son, the O'Neals are now expecting a baby girl! And I can't wait to see if she'll have the most strawberry blonde hair like her brother. All I can do is wonder for now, but in the meantime, I can gawk at these maternity shots.

Shelby, Chris, Xavier (and Nana) met me at one of my most favorite spots, Lanier Mansion in Madison. It reminds me so much of the gardens I got to tour in Paris, but it's 35 minutes from my house, and, if you ask me, it's the perfect spot to celebrate a soon-to-be baby girl. To say I'm excited and happy for this little family is an understatement. They've traveled down one long, winding road full of turns and surprises, but I feel like all of the pieces are falling into place for them.

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