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Updated: Jan 17, 2022

Yesterday I had the amazing opportunity to shoot some stills during the filming of a brand new chick flick! The setting was incredible and the actress was gorgeous and bubbly. These shots are my life right now.

Yeah, just kidding. These magazine worthy images are actually Natalie’s senior pictures.?! I can’t believe it either. My seniors this year have been absolute dreams. I’m so thankful to work with these young people at such an exciting time in their lives. Every single one of them has left me feeling inspired and hopeful for our future generations. Not to mention literally every single senior session has been show-stopping.

You’d think I’d be used to incredible shots like these, but I came home and told my husband that after Natalie’s session, I wanted to redo my own senior pictures. Guyyyyyys. It was magical. The vintage bookstore was enough to light any classic-lover’s heart ablaze, but then she went and did the whole green dress thing and I knew exactly where to take her.

Although it may look like we were in the gardens of some European estate, the truth is we never left good ol’ Indiana to achieve this modern Jane Austen look. Thanks to one cloudy afternoon and the empty lawn of the Lanier mansion, Miss Natalie and I had a hay day turning her into the star of a Dior perfume commercial. The green dress next to the hedges next to the red hair next to that smile was they type of combo most photographers will only ever wish to capture.

*squeals* I’m still gawking. Natalie, thank you so much for being so professional, so easy going, and so incredibly beautiful inside and out. It was an absolute joy!

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