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My Nannie is 70. No, not born in '70. Although it's hard to believe because she doesn't look and certainly doesn't act like it, she's been gracing planet Earth with her existence since 1953. She's seen and been through so much in her life, not much surprises her anymore. Except for a room full of ladies at Batar ready to celebrate her. She thought she was meeting her daughters and granddaughters for lunch, but she had no idea her sisters, sisters-in-law, church sisters, and precious friends would be there too. Yes! We got her! Woo-hoo!

Although I'd like to take it, I have to give most of the credit to my mom for this adorable party. We had the best time laughing, frolicking in the gardens, and playing games centered around this sweet lady. She really is a treasure. She's been on my side at times when nobody else in the world was. She keeps my secrets and prays for me every day. She literally just texted me to see if I needed her help with anything this evening.

Nan, you're the best and I love you so much!

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