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As crazy as it seems, summer is already coming to an end. School starts this week and soon the cool autumn winds will start blowing. The changing of the seasons is bittersweet, but for me, the end of summer means the start of senior portrait season. After Miss Megan’s drool-worthy shoot, I’d have to say it’s more sweet than bitter.

I was so looking forward to this session. I’ve had the privilege of photographing Megan in the past, so I knew it would be a knockout, but even I underestimated what Megan’s beauty, the amazing southern Indiana landscape, and my camera were capable of.

Despite what these images may suggest, I did NOT bring a massive fan along with me. The wind was working so hard for Megan’s hair. Sending little breezes at the perfect moments. Nor did I edit her eyes. As we were shooting, we were laughing about how her eyes look so blue in one shot and green in the next. I can’t even express how much fun I had photographing her. This type of session is the heart and soul of what this passion is about. The limitless location options sure didn’t hurt either (thanks, Turners!).

Thanks for bringing your Jeep, your incredible hair, and bubbly attitude to this session. Can’t wait to see what’s next for you, Megan! Enjoy senior year

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