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Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Patience, I’ll shamefully admit, has not always been one of my strongest traits. Thankfully, I serve a long-suffering God who has been so kind as to work with me on that. Sometimes through my own trials, and sometimes through the testimony of others. And I cannot think of a more beautiful example of patience and trust than the couple I had the honor of photographing this weekend.

After years of prayer, Clint and sweet Rebekah are finally going to welcome a baby girl into the world. Although I know it couldn’t have been an easy road, these two were perfectly bubbly and beaming throughout the whole session. Even Solemn was excited to take pictures to honor his soon-to-be little sis.

We ventured up to the lookout at the Henryville forestry, the same place Clint proposed eight years ago! In Indiana Septembers, you never know if you will need a coat or a fan. But Rebekah looked absolutely gorgeous as she withstood the late summer heat.

I remember staying up many nights, feeling my little Tater kick and wondering if he would have his Dad’s sense of humor. Or my terrible spelling skills. Hopefully he’ll like Christmas movies as much as I do. Maybe he’ll enjoy landscaping like his Dad...or maybe he’ll be allergic to everything outdoors like me.

I’m not sure if Rebekah has sat around and wondered the same type of things, but I personally can’t even begin to dream up baby McIntosh’s personality. The possibilities are endless. These two are the perfect example of opposites attract. Clint’s outgoing and charismatic personality is always making his quiet and gentle wife giggle. It’s honestly the cutest thing- a match made in heaven!

Although it’s hard to say just what baby M will act like, one thing is for sure: she will be absolutely adorable. I cannot wait to meet her.

Thank you, Clint and Bekah, for letting me capture this precious time in your all’s journey. Josh and I are looking forward to taking our little ones to Graeter’s in the future!

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