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MAAAAAAAYCI! Finally! It's Mayci's senior session! I've so been looking forward to this! Not only because Mayci is a gorgeous blonde with perfect teeth and I knew she was going to be super easy to photograph, but also because I used to spend quite a bit of time with Mayci when she was much, much younger. She probably doesn't remember it, but I have vivid memories of her in a carseat and playing at the baseball field. She was always so spunky and cute, and although I knew she was still adorable, I was excited to spend a little bit of time with her all grown up.

Although the spunk still shines through every once in a while, Miss Mayci has grown up to be a gentle young woman. She was so sweet, so go-with-the-flow, and always ready to try something new. Mellow, yet bubbly. Mature, but still so happy-go-lucky. Actually, Mayci was so chill that she didn't even mind her Momma helping her pick out outfits and tagging along for the session. I told them both I wish I could redo my senior portraits and not be such a diva. Sorry, mom!

Mayci, you absolutely lit up my camera with your infectious smile! It was such a blast and I could not stop looking through your images. gorgeous

Take that cherry spirit with you wherever you decide to go after high school! You'll do great things!

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