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Updated: Nov 10, 2020

This will more than likely not be a very organized nor well thought-out post. The wave of emotion and complete bliss my heart and mind have experienced in the past three days have made it nearly impossible to even think straight. So, instead, this post will be a flood of my thoughts, typed just as quickly as they come.

On Monday July 22, I had yet another prenatal appointment. At this point, I felt like I lived at the office. Every week it was the same. Signing my name in, standing on the scale in horror, confirming that, yes, the baby is moving great. In fact, it's in my ribs right now...

But one little detail was slightly off this time. My blood pressure usually hung out in the 100s or 110s over 60s. So hearing that my blood pressure was up was a bit of a shock. After a few tests and a lot of monitoring, we went back to the Dr.'s office on July 29th. All of the results helped my doctor determine that I had mild preeclampsia.

"You all go eat a good supper, then head back to the hospital. We're going to induce her this afternoon."

After a nearly silent meal at Chick-fil-A, we checked ourselves in for the change of a lifetime. They expected that our little miracle would be there that night or early Tuesday morning. So after contacting all of our family, I started a Pitocin drip.

And we waited. And waited. And waited some more. That night and the next morning came and went. Our poor family was spread out all over the hospital grounds. Sleeping in cars, on fold out beds, intertwined between a line of waiting room chairs...or simply not sleeping at all. Despite the mutual exhaustion, there was no lack in energy when Josh, finally, entered the waiting room to announce that nearly 24 hours later, we had a baby boy. A baby boy named Landon Tate Marshall Turner.

The moment I first felt him on my chest was one I will never ever be able to forget. It was waves of relief and pure euphoria that expressed themselves as rolling tears on my face. How can anyone say there is no God? Two years worth of prayers, ups, and downs, resulted in this one precious miracle on my chest. There really is no way to explain it.

Josh, my absolute rock and cheerleader, kissed my forehead and we looked at our little boy. (as one amazing nurse grabbed my camera and captured it for me!)

Landon's name was always going to be Landon Marshall Turner, Marshall being my mom's maiden name. After calling my bump Tater for months, it only felt right to add in a second middle name.

The next few hours were filled with more love and snuggles than little man could handle. We spent our first two nights as new parents exhausted, but absolutely in love. Seeing Josh instantly become a dad was amazing. And the adventure is only beginning...

Although I usually don't edit in black and white, I'm kind of a sucker for this style when it comes to birth stories.

Welcome to the world, Landon Tate Marshall Turner!

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