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Weddings are so much fun. They're just like babies. Each one is so special and unique and beautiful. I could never ever pick a favorite. However, I could easily come up with awards for all of the weddings I've shot:

Best Food. Coziest. Most Laughs. Most Colorful.

You get the idea.

So as I was having the absolute time of my life shooting this gorgeous wedding for Kyle and Erica, I knew that this was the most...something wedding I'd ever been to. The way they interacted, this bride and groom were definitely the most...something I'd ever seen. All day long I tried to think of a word to describe what I was witnessing.

Finally it came to me.

Kyle and Erica, you all win the TAL Photography Award for…


The Most Grateful Wedding

Let me explain.

I’ve never ever seen such grateful hearts in a bride and groom as I did these two. The way they held on to each other. The tears shed. The quiet moments and belly laughs. Not one single moment was taken for granted.

God has brought them both down winding, rugged paths to finally find each other. I believe that the timeline of their lives has made them realize just how precious true love is. Their wedding day felt like the finish line of a marathon they had both been running for years, and they have finally won the grand prize.

I cried that day and I may be crying now. If you had seen what I saw in them, you would too! (reference the third to last image in this blog to get an idea)

Aside from the pure magic between these two, this day was so incredible for so many other reasons. Even though my weather app showed no rain, even when it was already raining (do better, WDRB!) it actually turned out to be so pretty. I suggested that the bride and groom along with their families and wedding party stand at the edge of the barn door at the cellar of the Ruby Loft while Savannah and I stood in the rain to catch these shots. You can see the rain falling down in many of them. I gotta admit, I was leery at first, but I absolutely love the results.

When we finally did get a break in the rain, we took the new Mr. and Mrs. West down by the water for even more scroll-stopping shots. When I say they are pros, I mean it. All we had to say was, “be cute” and they aced it every time.

The atmosphere was incredible, the company was great, and the "I love yous" were abundant.

I can’t help but beam at these photographs because I know the moment was just as special as the results. I’m so happy for you both and your sweet family. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for the Wests!

DJ: Nate Adams

Catering: Kevin Smallwood

Hair: Kayla Goff

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