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It’s tiiiiiiiiiiimmmmeeeeeee!

Finally! I’ve been anxiously waiting to shoot this wedding for what feels like an eternity, and now that it’s finally come and gone, I’m so happy to say that it met all of my high expectations. Why so high? Simply put: Katie and Eric are the best. Their adorableness would’ve been enough had they chosen to get married in a dumpster. But the fact that they went all out and gave me a perfect day to capture (thanks btw) made my little photographing heart squeal with joy.

I didn’t think their flower-filled engagement session could be topped, but after choosing The Little Hill Flower Farm to host their ceremony, Katie and Eric went and out-adorabled themselves again! These two are the purest, sweetest souls. Their day was bright, fun, and magical. Tears were shed, memories were made, cupcakes were eaten, Taylor was quoted…

With the help of my amazing brides lately, especially including the new Mrs. Peters, I think I have officially entered my Details Era. I am drooling over these still shots. Pink and blue must be the new trend because my last two weddings have had very similar color palettes. I have to be 100% honest, when I first heard it, I thought baby shower. Unh-uh. This bride didn’t come to play. The way their colors and details came together so flawlessly turned me into a walking heart-eye emoji for the rest of the day.

And if the details weren’t enough, the love between Katie and Eric was one of the easiest things I’ve ever captured. They. are. just. happy. Happy to be alive, happy to be together, happy to be surrounded by the familiar faces that they love. And they were more than willing to trust me and whatever crazy thing I asked of them. I know this day only comes once-in-a-lifetime, but somehow Katie and Eric were professionals at their wedding day. Always composed, always calm, and always 100% themselves.

It is truly the biggest privilege to share just a glimpse of their day.

Ceremony Venue: Little Hill Flower Farm

Reception Venue: The Barn At New Leaf

Bouquet: Hand picked at Little Hill Flower Farm (I know, I know!)

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