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Updated: Apr 27, 2023

Never have I experienced a wedding with such elegance and such adventure at the same time. My beautiful friend Jadyn slipped into the most timeless dress, ever so daintily put on her earrings, made sure her hair was classic low-bun perfection, and after taking absolutely stunning getting ready shots with her ladies, she then...drove me around in a side-by-side into the woods. In her heels. This girl is a wonder.

The fun didn't stop there. Jadyn met her love, Bradley, in the woods for the most wholesome first look ever. Then we trudged through the dirt and mud ( Jadyn still in heels) to take their portraits. I felt like I was shooting in the Hundred Acre Wood. Everything was so enchanting. Jadyn and Bradley decided to take inspiration from nature all throughout their wedding day. The understated details that they chose highlighted the natural beauty around them. From the old church pews to the pops of lavender to the two-stick arch... everything about this day was just pure, simple beauty and joy.

So many hugs, tears, quiet moments, and belly laughs. These two have so much love, not only for each other, but from their family and friends. The support and pride that surrounded them all day long is a testament to just how special they are. Those same family and friends got to enjoy several personal elements throughout the wedding day. Bradley and the groomsmen rode dirt bikes to the alter. Jadyn's father surprised her with a live performance during their ceremony. Jadyn's wedding band has been passed down from generations before her. Guests also enjoyed dinner and a show as we all got to know just a little too much about Bradley during toasts, and Jadyn's sisters serenaded her with a song from her favorite movie. All of the things that make Jadyn and Bradley who they are also made up their wedding day. It was nostalgic. It was comfortable. It was peaceful. I was so happy to be a part of it.

To the new Mr. and Mrs. Gay, I'm just elated for you two. I know there are so many wonderful years ahead, but hopefully when you take a look through your wedding gallery, you can be transported right back to this perfect day.

P.S. Told ya.

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