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Drumroll, please. *puttering sounds*

It is my pleasure to introduce Mr. Jacob Polston to the TAL blog! Senior year is full of stress and decisions, but this young man was able to bring a mellow charm to his session that overflowed through the camera onto his images. Even though Jacob claimed to only be there "for his mom" (such a good son), it was so fun to see his personality pop through. I think even he can admit he enjoyed himself a little bit.

I may have been around Jacob and his family for enough years now to #1 be in denial that he's graduating, but #2 think that I knew a decent amount. Despite my assumptions, I had the best time picking his brain and getting to see the true Mr. Polston come through a little bit more.The closer we got to the water, the more his eyes lit up and I could tell he felt in his element. So in addition to being a good son, great big brother to 3 little Polston men, and overall respectable young christian man, I think Jacob can also safely add "super cool senior picture model" to his resume. Who knows. It may come in handy if optometry doesn't pan out.

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