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My seniors lately have been absolutely killing their sessions. Maybe I'm biased, but every senior session I've done lately has been my favorite. And Hailey's was no exception. This beautiful brown-eyed girl brought such a gentleness to her portraits. Her sweet, mild spirit matched the muted colors, flowers, and atmosphere so well. She nailed every pose and made it so so difficult for me to choose favorites.

Being at the edge of adulthood can be a scary time. So many decisions to be made and questions to be answered. I remember feeling overwhelmed almost every single day of senior year, so now when I get to hang out with a senior even for just a little bit, I try to make their session as lighthearted as possible. I hope that these images help Hailey realize exactly how beautiful the rest of us already know that she is. Although it's impossible to see inward beauty through a screen, I can assure you that if you could see it, you would see that Hailey's is more than enough to guide her through whatever the future holds.

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