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As I was traveling to this session last night, I was dreaming about all of the cool spots on the Salem square. I may have been a little sidetracked because I didn't even notice that I was the only one turning left to enter the square. I figured out why when I saw the barricades and 10 million people.

Of course, of course I didn't check to make sure there wasn't a once-a-year mega festival going on that would block every single picture spot that I had in mind. I'l have to add that to my pre-session checklist.

I frantically started driving up and down surrounding streets (well, the ones that weren't blocked). I found what looked like an abandoned... something? It would have to do. I'm not sure if this would have worked out as well with anyone else. Not only is Gabe the most laid back, easy going person, well...ever! But he can make anything look cool. I mean really: if you add a cowboy hat with a rattlesnake accessory, is there even a bad place to take a picture?

As manly as Mr. Johnson may be, he's also kind of a softy. Well, for his momma at least. He told me at the beginning that she "wanted teeth" and that's what he was going to give her. Awww! Jerry and Charity, you two have raised one great young man. And for those of you that know Jerry, I promise this isn't him in these pictures.

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