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Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Wow! After what feels like a whirlwind of sessions (the very best kind of whirlwind that makes you both exhausted and excited and grateful all at once) the Fall Mini Session Mania is coming to an end. I can’t think of a better way to end it than by giving a huge THANK YOU! to every family that trusted me with their memories. Thank you all for bearing the cold, nailing every pose, and trekking through gravel roads and beaten paths.

This final set of families are all so very special to me. Although I’m not related to any of them, they’re my family; my precious family in Christ.

The MacKenzie Family

One of my most favorite-est families! Not only because they're so fun and adorable, but they're also some of my very best friends. The MacKenzie family is one full of giggles, togetherness, and tradition. And to represent all three, they donned some special accessories all the way from Scotland to celebrate the roots of the MacKenzie name! I dunno about you, but I think a crisp Autumn day paired with some stylish, Scottish scarves and snuggles makes for one perfect session.

The Crase Family

My loyal customers: Aaron, Jessica, and Audrey have graced my camera from the very beginning. I just can’t believe that the next time I photograph the Crases, they’ll be a family of four! That’s right: Audrey’s baby brother is coming very soon! If Audrey loves her little brother half as much as she loves her Daddy, then that will be one loved little boy. It melted my heart when Aaron “stumbled” on the balance beam and Audrey said, “Don’t worry, Daddy! I’ve got you!” And when she stopped mid-pose to run up and give me a hug…priceless!

The Paisley Family

Funny enough, Rachel was the first person to book a mini session, yet her family is the last one in the blog. Last, maybe, but most certainly not least! Just look at the way Charles admires his bride; their strong bond is undeniable. Then we have little Miss Elizabeth who is ten-going-on-thirty. And to even things out, Billy comes in with the most robust giggle I've ever heard! It was so difficult to choose favorites! (Although I gotta admit, the one of them all laughing is probably my #1)

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