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We all know this little cutie from his birth story, but now, Elijah, Moriah, and Sebastian are settled at their home that is more like a mini Bass Pro Shop. The perfect place for this "future hunting buddy" to start to explore the world. At the ripe ol' age of two weeks, Elijah enjoys the great outdoors, his mini duck call, and wearing his hair like Daddy.

I'm honestly obsessed. I'm pretty sure this is the first baby I've ever seen who actually has a hair part and little, wavy tendrils that swoop down the sides. The kid's got more hair than I do and about 1/4 of the head! I. LOVE. it! And pair all of that with his big, blue eyes?! How could anyone not be obsessed?

Congrats, Sebastian and Mo! You two already have this parenting thing down and I'm so happy for you and your little family. Give that sweet baby a snuggle from me.

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