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Oh, to be a senior again. The more round I become, the more I long for those days. They're all so energetic, athletic, optimistic, and not to mention they all have flawless hair. Tonight's post features a senior that was no exception to all of those things. On top of all of that, Connor was super polite and a master in front of the camera. It usually isn't very hard to make seniors look cool, but I still try and go the extra mile when it comes to posing them in a way that they will look their absolute best. By the end of the session, I was looking at Connor through my viewfinder, trying to find things to change about his images. He really could pose himself by the end of our session!

I'm guessing his ease in front of the camera comes from the comfort he has in his own skin. His momma told me that he was easy-going, as most do. I tend not to believe it, though, because as easy-going as most senior guys claim to be, I've found that most of them are just as or even more critical of themselves as my girl seniors. Especially when it comes to their hair. But I'll give Momma Nease credit, she was 100% correct about her son. Connor was so go-with-the-flow. He made every situation into a good time with absolutely zero negativity or awkwardness. And let me tell ya: it shows in his images. His gallery looks like I was just following him along as he strolled through the park.

Thank you for trusting me with capturing this part of your life and thank you for making this session so extremely easy for this pregnant lady. It was a blast!

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