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This past foggy Saturday morning, the Watts family woke bright and early and headed to the beautiful Hanover College campus to celebrate their graduate, Jakeb. It had been so long since I had been there, I completely forgot how charming it is. It felt like I wasn't even in Southern Indiana anymore. I can't imagine Jakeb will have an easy time leaving, but that's the beauty of chapters of life. Although it's bittersweet, there's a whole new adventure just on the horizon.

Wherever that next adventure takes ya, Jake, I'm betting you'll crush it. And if you ever get homesick, you'll have one awesome and loving support group waiting for ya back in good ol' Scott County. It's pretty obvious that your family is beyond proud of what you've accomplished the last four years, but who knew the hardest part of college would be trying to operate a confetti cannon??

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