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2024 is like the weirdest number for me because my fingers want to type 2014 instead. I can't believe it's been 10 years since I walked across the stage at AHS. I guess one good way to celebrate is by taking pictures of the current graduates. Friday night took me back to my old stomping ground as well as to Eastern High School to snap a few shots of some of my favorite clients.

What a special and odd time of life. It was for me at least. To spend every day at the same place with the same people for over a decade only for it to all be over in one day. No longer a student, but an adult- all on your own to face the world. Maybe it wouldn't be quite as scary if there weren't a billion different paths to choose from, but I guess that's also what makes it so exciting. No matter what path these guys set out on, I know they'll shine just as brightly as they did on the evening of May 24.

Congrats, class of 2014! Ooops, I mean 2024!

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