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If there's ever a time in your life when it's appropriate to brag on yourself, Seniors, it's tonight. Let's face it: y'all have been through a lot! The last year hasn't exactly been a cakewalk, but somehow you managed to juggle sports, clubs, Prosser, relationships, jobs... oh yeah, and classes! All while wearing masks. Honestly, that alone is worth bragging about.

So take a moment tonight to just be proud of yourself. The worries and plans of tomorrow can wait a little bit. This night is for you all. Take it all in, live it all up. Cry a little if you want. Let your family and friends congratulate you. Smile until your cheeks hurt. Because tomorrow will come and you will be off to bigger and better things. If you have it all laid out, or if you have no clue what the future holds, remember you can always come back home again.

Even though there was a very little window of time that these seniors had their caps and gowns in hand before graduation, we were able to squeeze in a few (amazing) mini sessions. For the sake of curation, I would normally only choose one or two cap-throwing images to feature, but they all turned out so cool that I really couldn't help myself.

Congrats, Seniors!

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