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After Chance's session, I came home and told my husband, "I guess all I need to do is just run 11 miles every day." Then I thought about how bad I am at getting up early. Then I thought about how Chance met me at sunrise to do his senior pictures, then immediately went to run. Then I thought, "We can't all be super human."

I really am amazed at him. Although Chance is a man of very few words, he's not a man of few talents. I almost needed a wide lens to capture the entirety of his letterman's jacket. How one person can do so much, and excel not only at high school, but graduate with a college degree...I know he deserves every amount of praise he so desperately doesn't want.

Now he can add "professional senior model" to his list of accolades. Thanks, Chance, for an amazing start to my Saturday. You're so humble and gifted and that a combination that follows every single great person. Can't wait to see what you do next!

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